Too Like the Lightning

Perfect for fans of Gene Wolfe, Jo Walton, Robert Charles Wilson and Kim Stanley Robinson, Too Like The Lightning is a challenging philosophical and political science fiction epic. Much like Homer telling of heroic deeds and wine dark seas, Mycroft Canner’s narration will draw you into the world of Terra Ignota—a world simmering with gender politics and religious fervor just beneath the surface, on the brink of revolutionary change.

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Seven Surrenders

The second volume of the Terra Ignota series, Seven Surrenders  continues Mycroft Canner’s history begun in Too Like the Lightning. In 2454, the leaders of the great globe-spanning Hives, which have replaced geographic nations, have long conspired to keep the world stable, but that balance is giving way.  In the face of global collapse a prostitute, a noble king, a despised criminal, a theological spy, and a hive of techno-utopian future-builders seek for a rumored miracle child in search of answers.

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The Will to Battle

The Will to Battle is the third book in the Terra Ignota series.  In Books 1 and 2, convict Mycroft brought us his history of the seven days of change that remade the world.  Now comes his chronicle of the days that follow, reporting the events at the start of the new world, as the remnants of the old cling to the structures of their civilization and maneuver for advantage in the new order.

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