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Past Events

Dublin2019 Panel: The history of censorship and information control

Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) — 17:00 to 17:50

Wicklow Hall-1 (CCD) Panellists consider how censorship and technology have influenced the dissemination of information through time and across the world, particularly when that information runs counter to the status […]

17 Aug

Dublin2019 Presentation: Gender in Anime and Manga

Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) — 14:00 to 14:50

Wicklow Hall 2B (CCD) The evolution of women’s manga (shoujo and jousei) and their effects on men’s manga (shounen and seinen)   Follow DUBLIN 2019 – AN IRISH WORLDCON, THE […]

15 Aug

Reception Histories of the Future

Uppsala University, Sweden

Conference on Byzantinisms, Speculative Fiction, and the Literary Heritage of Medieval Empire, organized by the joint Paris-Uppsala Text and Narrative in Byzantium Collaborative Research Network

4 Aug

Library Society Address

Regenstein Library, University of Chicago —

Discussing my work with Renaissance books and manuscripts, and my students’ project to assemble an exhibit on “Tensions in Renaissance Cities” for the University of Chicago Library Society.

10 May

Works of the Mind Lecture at the Chicago Cultural Center

University of Chicago —

A public lecture on my research on Epicureanism and Stoicism in Renaissance thought, hosted at the Chicago Cultural Center in downtown chicago, and enabled by the Grahm School of Continuing Liberal […]

9 Apr

Renaissance Society of America Conference Chicago

Palmer House Hotel, Chicago

At the annual Renaissance Society of America Conference, taking place in Chicago this year, I will present a paper on “The Humanist Roots of Enlightenment Radical Religion Seen through Renaissance […]

30 Mar

Pre-RSA Gallery Reception “Tensions in Renaissance Cities”

Special Collections, Regenstein Library, University of Chicago Campus — 12:00

A public reception for our Special Collections exhibit “Tensions in Renaissance Cities” organized by myself and a group of U Chicago and Northwestern students, plus SIFK postdoc Stuart McManus. Leading up to […]

29 Mar