Plato's_Academy_mosaic_from_PompeiiRecent and Upcoming Teaching:
  • Fall Quarter 2014: European Civilization 1 (Core)
  • Spring Quarter 2015:
    • Italian Renaissance (Tues/Thurs 12 to 1:20; open to undergraduate and graduate students including non-history-majors. The course catalog says “upper level undergrads only” but if you are a newer undergraduate and interested in the course, you would be welcome.)
    • Renaissance Humanism (Tuesday 3 to 5:50; graduate course with hands-on rare books work, hosted in the rare books rooms of the library, open to undergraduates upon request)
  • Fall Quarter 2015: on leave.
  • Winter Quarter 2016: on leave.
  • Spring Quarter 2016: on leave.
  • Fall Quarter 2016: Italian Renaissance (undergraduate course), Patronage and Culture in Renaissance Italy and Her Neighbors (Two-Quarter Graduate Research Seminar)
  • Winter Quarter 2016: European Civilization I (Core), and the second half of my two-quarter graduate seminar sequence Patronage and Culture in Renaissance Italy and Her Neighbors.
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