AdaPhoto1000Welcome to the home page of Ada Palmer. I am an historian, an author of science fiction and fantasy, and a composer. I teach in the History Department at the University of Chicago.

Here you will find information about my works and activities, samples of my writing and music, links to publications and blog pieces, my curriculum vitae, my forthcoming schedule of teaching, public presentations and concerts, and other useful information.  The site is subdivided by my different areas of activity, but you can find combined information under the “publications” tab.

Upcoming Public Appearances:
  • Academic Conferences, Talks and Workshops:
    • Feb. 2nd: “Lucretius, Renaissance Reading Culture and the Epicurean Roots of the Scientific Method,” precirculated paper and colloquium presentation at the Descartes Centre for the History and Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities, Utrecht University.
    • Feb. 9th: Hands-on Rare Books Icebreaker Session, an opportunity to touch and get used to working with antique books and manuscripts. Early Modern Workshop (University of Chicago).
    • Feb. 12th: “How Humanists Read a Famous Atheist: the Evolution of Renaissance Reading Methods Exposed through a Survey of Marginalia in Renaissance Copies of Lucretius, 1417-1600,” Classics Department Colloquium, University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia).
    • Feb. 24th: “The Syncretic, Radical and Hybrid Christianities of Renaissance Humanists,” Figures of Renaissance Reform and Renewal non-credit course, Lumen Christi institute, Chicago.
    • March 2nd: Western Mediterranean Culture Workshop (University of Chicago).
    • March 3rd: “Dante Alighieri,” Figures of Renaissance Reform and Renewal non-credit course, Lumen Christi institute, Chicago
    • March 23-24: “The Inversion of Epicureanism in Lorenzo Valla‘s De Voluptate,” at Beyond Reception: Renaissance Humanism and the Transformation of Classical Antiquity (Berlin).
    • March 27-29: “The Influence of Spuria and Forgeries on Renaissance Neoclassicism: The Recovery of the Stoics, 1400–1664,” at the Renaissance Society of America Conference (Berlin).
  • Conventions and Concerts:
    • Boskone (Boston, MA), Feb 13-15, 2015. Concert (Sassafrass), reading, panels.
    • Vericon (Cambridge, MA), March 20-22, 2015.  Concert (Sassafrass), helping with Charity Auction.
    • Anime Boston (Boston, MA), April 3-5, 2015.  Staffing and hosting events.
    • Balticon (Baltimore, MA), May 22-25, 2015.  Concert (Sassafrass), panels.
    • Sasquan (Worldcon, Spokane), August 19-23, 2015.
Upcoming Teaching:
  • Spring Quarter 2015:
    • Italian Renaissance (open to undergraduate and graduate students including non-history-majors)
    • Renaissance Humanism (graduate course with hands-on rare books work, open to undergraduates upon request)
  • Fall Quarter 2015:
    • European Civilization I:
    • History of Skepticism (mixed graduate and undergraduate course, open to students outside history)
  • Winter Quarter 2016: on leave.
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